In Crimea children were given weapons again and “rode” on the APC

Дата: 25 March 2017
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On the morning of March 25, the de facto authorities staged a demonstration of military equipment in Simferopol. Demonstration is timed to the anniversary of the creation of the National Guard of Russia.

As reported by reporter of the Human Rights Information Centre in Crimea, two APCs, several military vehicles and an armored car were driven out to Lenin Square. In addition, tables with small arms were put out.

Soldiers put children on the APCs, allowed to climb inside and aim from the presented weapons.

A group of soldiers with various ammunitions, including sniper camouflage suits, was standing nearby. They willingly posed for the public, as reported by correspondent.

In addition, the orchestra of one of the units of the National Guard of Russia performed for the audience. The occupation authorities organized the work of the field kitchen.

As is known, Russia regularly conducts exhibitions of military equipment and various exercises on the occupied peninsula, thus violating the 51st article of the Geneva Convention.

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