The President signed a law authorizing prisoners to use Internet

Дата: 06 October 2016
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The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a law, which authorizes prisoners to use Internet at one’s own cost and under the supervision from the prison’s administration.

According to the information on the web-site of the parliament, the law “On the amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning the enforcement of criminal penalties and the rights of prisoners” was signed by the president and returned to the parliament on October 6.

The law allows the prisoners to use Internet exclusively to look through the information on the web-sites under the control of the administration.

They also can to register their personal electronic mailboxes and write emails under the control of the administration.

But they can’t visit web-sites of the social networks that promote violance, the web-sites of the erotic or pornographic content, to review sites, which may negatively affect the mental condition of the convicted and to play online game.

The prisoners will have to pay for the Internet themselves.

Earlier, the President Petro Poroshenko signed a law establishing honorary titles and awards to the prisoners, who perform their duties and follow the rules of conduct. 

Previously, Poroshenko vetoed the law which announces amnesty, including to the convicted members of the ATO.

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