Ukraine will appeal to the General Assembly if Russia does not comply with the UN Court decision

Дата: 25 April 2017
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The Ministry of Justice will appeal to the UN General Assembly if Russia does not implement the intermediate decision of the International Court of Justice.

As reported by Ukrinform, this was stated by Pavlo Petrenko, Minister of Justice during a press briefing.

“Russia will either implement the interim decision of the International Court of Justice or we will raise the question of the use of coercive mechanisms until the matter is submitted to the United Nations General Assembly. In fact it will be a signal: either Russia has already went over the edge, or still has some common sense and will stop the persecution of Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians, as the Court has established in an interim decision”, – said the Minister.

At the same time, the Minister did not comment on the refusal of the Crimea’s occupation authorities to review the decision to ban the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people. As Petrenko explained, he does not want to comment on the statements of “pseudo-authorities in the Crimea, because these are absolutely illegitimate bodies that are not recognized by Ukraine and the entire civilized world”.

He noted that the Ministry of Justice is monitoring the behavior of Russia and will take adequate measures and mechanisms in the near future.

“One of the mechanisms is the adoption of the relevant resolution by the United Nations General Assembly. The second, this decision, if not fulfilled, will form the basis of the criminal tribunal in The Hague”, – said Petrenko.

As a reminder, on April 19, the International Court of Justice agreed to introduce measures on the suit “Ukraine vs. Russia” for the protection of national minorities in the Crimea.

Among other things, the Court ordered the Russian Federation to:

– refrain from maintaining or imposing limitations on the ability of the Crimean Tatar community to conserve its representative institutions, including the Mejlis;

– ensure the availability of education in the Ukrainian language.

Ukraine wants to hold Russia accountable for the violations of two Conventions – on the Suppression of Financing of Terrorism and on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Ukraine petitioned to apply measures of restraint to Russia while the case is considered. This should help with protecting people in the Crimea and the Donbass from deterioration of the situation.

The Russian authorities deny accusations of involvement in the conflict in the east of Ukraine and call the annexation of Crimea legal.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation promised that it uses “available legal remedies” regarding the Ukrainian lawsuit in the International Court of Justice.

Earlier, Press Secretary for the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that public organizations of the Crimean Tatars can operate in Russia without any restrictions, if they are not conducting any extremist manifestations.

As reported earlier, on March 6, the first day of public hearings took place during which Ukraine provided its arguments. On March 7, the second day of hearings took place in The Hague during which the Russian side presented its arguments, most of which were based on lies and fakes.

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