Journalist of UNIAN and a cameraman of “1+1” TV channel detained in Moscow

Дата: 21 March 2017
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Two Ukrainian journalists detained in Moscow – Roman Tsymbaliuk, reporter of the UNIAN, and Mykyta Borodin, cameraman of the “1+1” TV channel. A graduate student, who hanged up Ukrainian flag over the Moscow State University, was also detained.

As reported by Tsymbaliuk on his Facebook page.

Russian security officers seized Tsymbaliuk’s documents.

“We found Zakhar, the hero who hanged up Ukrainian flag over the Moscow State University on the third anniversary of the annexation of Crimea. An excellent interview ended up with the arrival of the police. They took my documents. We are waiting for the arrival of the Head of the Moscow State University police”, – he said.

Tsymbaliuk published a video of the detention.

In the commentary to the UNIAN Tsymbaliuk stated the groundlessness of his detention by the police.

“According to Russian legislation, they had no right to detain us, we filmed in a public place, on the street, practically in the park, near the observation platform”, – he said.

Tsymbaliuk also wrote a refusal to give any explanations.

“After we recorded the interview, Zakhar pulled out the Ukrainian flag and we filmed him. Then the police arrived and began to check documents. As a result, the police started saying that we allegedly held a rally and, probably, shouted out some slogans and now we are taken to a police station in the building of the Moscow State University. They took our passports, accreditations”, – Tsymbaliuk said.

Ukrainian diplomats in Moscow are clearing out circumstances of UNIAN correspondent’s detention Roman Tsymbaliuk.

As reported by Vasyl Kyrylych, Head of Department of Consular Support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, in the commentary to the UNIAN.

“I acknowledged this information. Consul is verifying this information. I will immediately inform, as soon as I receive official confirmation”, – said Kyrylych.

As a reminder, Ukrinform correspondent in France Roman Sushchenko was arrested in Moscow last year, where he arrived on a private visit. Later he was accused of espionage.

Postgraduate student at the Faculty of History of the Moscow State University was detained and beaten after he hung out Ukrainian flag from the window of the hostel during the spring concert in honor of the Crimea’s annexation.

The young man was detained on March 18 in the hostel. His camera, laptop and phone were seized, later he was brought to the police department at the University.

In the department he was hit with a palm on the head and hit with a pointed mop in the stomach. Postgraduate student had cuts and bruises, which he later documented in the trauma bay.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, 31 citizens of Ukraine are kept in prisons and SIZOs (pre-trial detention centres) of Russia and Crimea.

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