In Crimea journalist Semena was presented the final version of charges

Дата: 07 December 2016
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Yesterday, Crimean investigators presented Mykola Semena with final charges.

Emil Kurbedinov, a Crimean lawyer informed on Facebook.

According to him, on December 8, a familiarization with the criminal case begin, which accounts for about 6 volumes.

“According to the charges and the documents we have, we can conclude that the FSB will portrait him as a fierce enemy of Russia and Putin. His image is carefully assembled from statements taken out of context, phrases, biased assessments, conclusions of the investigation and imagination!” Kurbedinov wrote.

He also said that the defense filed several petitions, but the investigator refused without even  reading them.

In spring in Crimea massive searches were taken, including in the independent journalists who are suspected of collaboration with Krym.Realiyi. A case was opened with respect to the Radio Liberty’s author Mykola Semena on suspicion of calling for the violation of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. Russian investigation forbade him to leave the peninsula.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed its concern about harassment of Ukrainian citizens, including Mykola Semena, in annexed Crimea and called to stop pressure against him.

On August 23, his defense petitioned FSB to give him a right to leave Crimea for treatment. International and European Federation of Journalists, as well as the OSCE Representative on Freedom of Speech, joined this petition. Eventually, Crimean investigators refused.

On November 28, he could not visit Brussels to receive the European Prize for the freedom of speech named after Pavlo Sheremet.

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