Police killed a man who attacked people in Khmelnitsky

Дата: 30 December 2016
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In Khmelnitsky police officers opened fire on a man, who had stabbed a nurse of the regional psycho-neurologic dispensary of Khmelnitsky with an awl and attacked two passers-by while running away.

As reported by the media office of the regional Police Department of Khmelnitsky.

According to the report, the man “was behaving inadequately and aggressively”.

“Police officers shot several warning shots into the air while pursuing the attacker, but he did not stop and tried to injure the police officers. Police officers were forced to shoot to kill and injured the man in the leg. But even after that he continued behaving aggressively and tried to attack the surrounding people”, – the report states.

The wounded man died in the ambulance during the transportation to the hospital, as stated by the police.

As it turned out, the man had already been held criminally liable for infliction of bodily injuries.

A criminal case is opened and is under investigation.

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