Proofs of arson attack unfiled from Cherkasy judge protocol – Transparency International

Дата: 24 November 2015
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The Transparency International non-governmental organization calls on the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine, and the Council of Judges of Ukraine to deal with the situation regarding the Court of Appeal of Cherkasy region.

This is reported by the organization’s press office.

Judge of the Court of Appeal of Cherkasy region Serhiy Bondarenko, who made a stand against the system and did not agree to deliver the unlawful judgment, has been seeking justice and protection for a year and a half already. However, his struggle for truth resembles fighting windmills,” reads the statement of the organization.

The organization reminds that judge Serhiy Bondarenko filed complaints to the bodies of judicial self-government and reports on offences to the prosecutor’s office, submitted direct evidence of pressure, exerted by head of the Court of Appeal of Cherkasy region Volodymyr Babenko, and evidence of fraud with the court premises. However, the relevant public authorities did not make any decisions.

Transparency International informs that the judge still experiences the pressure exerted by the leadership of the Court of Appeal. He is not appointed an assistant and is being threatened. The arson attack on his car was committed, and the proof of the attack was unfiled from the protocol.

The judiciary of Cherkasy region and the judicial self-government bodies of Ukraine pretend that nothing crimeful has happened. Meanwhile, the leaders of the Court of Appeal of Cherkasy region, suspected of involvement in the transactions and pressure on the judges, were once again re-elected to their posts,” the Transparency International reports.

Transparency International urges the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine to speed up the investigation into offences which happened in the Court of Appeal of Cherkasy region and finally to give a legal assessment of the actions of the head of the court and inform the public about the investigation progress.

The organization also calls on the bodies of judicial self-government not to cover up a high-ranking official, but to ensure the transparent and impartial investigation into the actions of their colleague and help the judge-castigator to break the frank pledge in the corrupt judicial circles.


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