Bribery Case against Poltava Mayor Closed

Дата: 15 August 2016
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The Prosecutor’s Office has closed the case in which the Mayor of Poltava, Olexander Mamay, was accused of trying to bribe Judge Larisa Golnyk.

This information was reported by Automaidan attorney Roman Maselko.

“While the Prosecutor General establishes the General Inspectorate and instructs Peter Shkutyak to clean the Prosecutor’s Office, local prosecutors keep doing their dirty work,” wrote Maselko.

The Poltava Judge Larisa Golnyk not only refused bribes from the Mayor Mamay, but also documented his efforts to reach an agreement.

Mamay’s intermediary has been charged and is now on the docket, and the case against Mamay was investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Poltava region.

“And it is precisely for that cause, to punish not only the intermediary, but also the employer, that Judge Golnyk is now fighting,” says Roman Maselko.

Maselko has been fighting for a while now alongside a fellow Automaidan leader, Olexiy Grytsenko, trying to convince the anti-corruption officer, Maksim Grischuk, that Mamay’s case belongs in front of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. And while it seemed like they were being heard, in the end the case was closed down. “Mamay has been declared innocent and the recording of him striking a deal with a judge doesn’t mean anything,” says Maselko.

“That’s the kind of fight the Prosecutor’s Office undertakes with top corrupt officials. Here is a very clear signal from the prosecution to all those who are willing to actively fight and expose corrupt officials in the highest positions: Be silent and don’t stick out. Nothing will happen anyways.”

The crime which Olexander Mamay was accused of is that, on May 17, 2013, he hid the existence of a conflict of interest from the city council. That day, the city council voted in favor of the transfer of a number of land plots to the businesswoman Iryna Klymko.

As a result, the mayor’s daughter, who is also a councilwoman, received 500 square meters of land holding 13 trading pavilions for a nominal fee.

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