Russian strike kills six civilians, injures 28 in Kharkiv recreation area

Дата: 19 May 2024
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On May 19, 2024, Russian forces launched a deadly morning strike in Kharkiv Oblast, killing at least six people and injuring 28 others, according to officials.

Head of Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration, Oleh Syniehubov, stated that the Russian invaders targeted an area where civilians were relaxing. The police confirmed five fatalities, including a pregnant woman, with at least 28 injured.

Mayor of Kharkiv Ihor Terekhov revealed that the first missile struck a graveyard, while the second hit a popular leisure site of Kharkiv residents, emphasizing “there is no military infrastructure in a cemetery or a leisure area.”

The Oblast Military Administration explained that it is “an open area near the park zone” in the Shevchenko district, where the Russians struck near the football pitch. Among the casualties was an 8-year-old child with minor injuries.

A police officer and an ambulance paramedic came under fire when they assisted at the scene. Eight people were in serious condition.


The Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration said the Russians launched two Iskander-M missiles, using the tactic of “double-tapping”.

Later, the Kharkiv Prosecutor’s Office revised the death toll to six people killed and 28 injured, including a 68-year-old civilian who succumbed to injuries at the hospital.

In a separate incident in Vovchansk, northern Kharkiv Oblast, Russian shelling killed one person and injured three more, according to prosecutors.


President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged global leaders to provide more air defense systems like Patriot to Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities to “put an end to Russian terror” and hold “the terrorists accountable.”

“The world can put an end to Russian terror – but only if leaders' political will is strong enough. Two Patriot systems in Kharkiv will radically improve the situation. Air defense systems in our other cities, as well as adequate support for our forces on the battlefield, will assure the end of Russian terror. I thank all of the leaders and states who recognise this and are taking significant action to bring the war to a conclusion and hold the terrorists accountable," – Ukrainian president said.

Due to combined Russian Armed Forces attacks, the coalition of human rights organisations “Ukraine. 5 a.m.” appealed to partner countries to intensify their actions for providing air defense systems that should protect civilians and objects under the protection of international humanitarian law.

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