Russia killed 58 Ukrainians on December 30 while Republicans in the US Congress blocked military aid to Ukraine (updated)

Дата: 29 December 2023
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58 Ukrainians were killed and more than 120 people were injured in the large-scale bombardment on the morning of December 29.

According to the Office of the President of Ukraine and BBC Newscities across Ukraine were attacked, including Kyiv in the north, Lviv in the west, Odesa and Zaporizhzhia in the south, and Dnipro and Kharkiv in the east.

A maternity hospital in Dnipro, in central Ukraine, was one of the buildings hit by the latest round of Russian strikes

Russia “used nearly every type of weapon in its arsenal“, with homes and a maternity hospital hit, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said. Russia shelled 158 missiles, 118 were shot down, and at least 28 people have been killed as of 15:30 GMT.

While Governor Yuriy Malashko reported about eight people killed in Zaporizhzhia. According to the Kyiv City Military Administration, as of January 4, 2024, the death toll in Kyiv stands at 32.

A local elderly woman is comforted near the site of a damaged private building in Zaporizhzhia – officials say at least eight people were killed in the city

The city of Konotop in the Sumy Region, close to the country’s northern border, was also hit by a missile. Officials in Odesa say a high-rise building caught fire after being struck by a drone. Four people were killed and 22 were injured, including two children aged six and eight.

The north-eastern city of Kharkiv is no stranger to missile strikes, but not the 20 it felt on Friday morning. Kharkiv mayor Ihor Terekhov said three people were killed and 13 were injured in a series of strikes on the city which damaged a hospital and residential buildings.

Emergency workers battle a fire following a rocket attack on a factory in Kharkiv

The governor of Dnipropetrovsk said that six people were killed and 28 were injured in what he called a “tragic morning for the region”. Serhiy Lysak said that a shopping centre and a maternity hospital were targeted in the regional capital of Dnipro. 

A shopping centre was among the places hit in Dnipro

Ukraine’s military says Russia launched a “massive” attack with 158 drones and missiles – the Air Force said it has “never seen so many locations targeted simultaneously”.

The UN’s humanitarian envoy for Ukraine, Denise Brown, said the attacks “left a path of destruction, death and human suffering” and were “another unacceptable example of the horrifying reality” Ukrainian people face.
Kyiv’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, has said it is “critically important” to have the support of the US and Europe in order for Ukraine to continue to fight.
US President Joe Biden said Russia’s latest attack is a “stark reminder to the world that, after nearly two years of this devastating war, Putin’s objective remains unchanged”. Biden calls on Congress to “step up and act without any further delay”.

Unless Congress takes urgent action in the new year, we will not be able to continue sending the weapons and vital air defence systems Ukraine needs to protect its people.

Joe Biden

The human rights community in Ukraine believes that the de-occupation of Crimea is necessary to stop the systematic and gross violations of human rights committed by the Russian Federation on the peninsula. They are urging other countries to support Ukraine with timely and sufficient supplies of weapons and military equipment.

On April 17, 2022, in his evening video speech, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Ukrainian soldiers are paying with their lives for the time they wait for weapons to be delivered. This happens every time Ukraine’s partners delay or hesitate about weapons’ range or other characteristics. 

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