Court in Moscow Extended Sushchenko’s Detention for Another 3 Months

Дата: 27 June 2017
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Moscow court extended the term of Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko detention for another three months. 

Mark Feygin, the lawyer, reported about it on his Twitter page.  

“Lefortovo District Court extended the term of Roman Sushchenko detention for another three months until September 30th” – he wrote.

Later Feygin also informed that he filed an appeal against the court decision on extension of Sushchenko’s arrest.

As a reminder, Ukrinform’s full-time correspondent in France Roman Sushchenko was detained on September 30th in Moscow, where he stayed with a private visit.      

The journalist was charged with espionage and was labeled as ‘the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense’s Chief Intelligence Directorate officer”. The Chief Intelligence Directorate officially denied the FSB’s accusations.   

After the trial that was held closed-to-public on October 1st, the court passed a judgement on his detention for two months – before November 30th. Despite the international legislation and mutual agreements between Ukraine and Russia, in the first days of his detention Sushchenko’s basic right to consult lawyer and the Ukrainian Counsel was debarred.    

On October 7th, Russian investigators pressed official espionage charges against Ukrainian journalist.  

Ukrainian non-profit organizations believe that the arrest of Ukrinform Information Agency’s journalist Roman Sushchenko in Moscow must be interpreted as offence against the freedom of speech and call on the Ukrainian Government and international community to protect the Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia and occupied Crimea.   

Sushchenko’s defense is making efforts to secure the Sushchenko’s status of political prisoner through its recognition by the Russian and international human right advocacy organizations. The defense party is also in the process of filing an appeal against the journalist’s detention to the European Court of Human Rights.

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