Russian human rights activists search for Sentsov

Дата: 21 March 2016
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Members of the Russian Association of Independent Observers Nikolai Shchur and Tatyana Shchur have started to search for a colony which Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov was transferred to.

Tatyana Shchur posted this on Facebook page, having published the appeal to the members of the Public Monitoring Committee, journalists and human rights defenders.

She recalled that there had been no information about the whereabouts of the Ukrainian citizen convicted in Russia after the message about his convoying overnight into March 7.

We ask you to submit inquiries to the penitentiary service departments of your regions to find out whether Oleg Sentsov, born in 1976, stays in the remand prisons of these regions. As a rule, each federal entity has one or two detention facilities where the convoyed convicts are transferred to. The members of the Public Monitoring Committee know where the convoyed convicts stay,” Shchur wrote.

As a reminder, it became known on February 8 that Oleg Sentsov and Oleksandr Kolchenko had been convoyed from the remand prison in Rostov. Since then, it has been difficult for the human rights defenders to track their movement within the country.

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