Poroshenko made decision to ban Yandex, VKontakte, Aeroflot and other Russian companies in Ukraine

Дата: 16 May 2017
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President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree that introduced the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine to update the list of sanctions against a number of Russian companies, including Aeroflot, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Yandex and a number of media resources.

“In accordance with Article 107 of the Constitution of Ukraine, I resolve: 1. Enact the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine as of April 28, 2017 “On Imposition of Personal Special Economic and Other Restrictive Measures (Sanctions)”, – stated in the decree.

The decision of the National Security and Defense Council provides for imposition of sanctions against a number of individuals and legal entities. In particular, against Yandex LLC, popular Russian social networks VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, mail service Mail.ru.

Also among Russian companies that have been sanctioned are Kaspersky Lab, Doctor Web, Aeroflot, 1C and a number of Russian airlines and companies: NTV, Almaz-Antey, Gazprombank.

A number of Russian media have also been sanctioned, in particular: Nashe Radio (Our Radio), Public Television of Russia, the Editorial Board of the Federation Council, TV channels Ren-TV, NTV Plus, TNT, Closed Joint Stock Company National Media Group, International Information Agency Russia Today.

Among the individuals who supplemented the list of sanctions are the so-called “ministers” and other members of the militant organizations of the “LPR” and “DPR”, many residents of Crimea, as well as Russian military and government officials. Among them are the permanent representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Siberian region, the former “governor of the Sevastopol city” (until July 28, 2016) Sergey Menyaylo, State Duma deputy Yelena Mizulina.

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