Crimean journalist, assaulted in April, died

Дата: 01 September 2015
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Journalist Iryna Ostashchenko, who was hospitalized with head injury as a result of attack on her in April, died on August 31.

This was reported by the Institute of Mass Media website with reference to the Informer Sevastopol media outlet, where she worked as the editor.

At 17:35 yesterday, Iryna Ostashchenko passed away. It’s a grievous loss for us, her colleagues, friends, many readers of Sevastopol…” the message on the website reads.

The cause of death is not specified, but it is noted that the journalist wrote materials on dramatic subjects. The colleagues linked the April assault with her professional activities. The occupation authorities and the pro-government media hushed information about the attack.

Keen sense of justice and readiness to come to the rescue of anybody at any moment, a clear civic stance, and courage, courage are the qualities which distinguishes the real journalist. Irina Ostashchenko had these qualities in full,” the editorial staff notes.

As the Institute of Mass Information found out, Irina Ostashchenko died of cancer.

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