IDPs with disabilities had to leave “Kuyalnyk” and return to the ATO zone

Дата: 04 October 2016
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53 IDPs with disabilities had to leave sanatorium “Kuyalnyk” in Odesa region because of utility debts and to move to an unfinished sanatorium “Holy Mountains” in Svaytogirsk, Donetsk region, informs a deputy head of the Donetsk oblast civilian-military administration Ihor Stokoz.

He adds that people with different physical disabilities were forced to move to a street. Donetsk regional authority asked previously Odesa region authority to give some time to finish repairment of the sanatorium in Svyatogirsk till October 15.

“Despite all the promises given by the Odesa Regional Administration, the light was turned off in “Kuyalnyk”. Therefore, IDPs with disabilities decided not to wait until the repairment is finished and departed to the sanatorium in Svyatogirsk. They will be temporarily accommodated in another campus. After repairment is finished, we will host everyone who is still in the “hospitable” and “amiable” Odesa region”, – wrote Ihor Stokoz.

He informed that today, October 4, 53 people have arrived at Svyatogirsk by train.

Volunteers helped them with the luggage, reports web-site “Novosti Donbassa”. Most of them will be accommodated in Svyatogirsk’s sanatorium. 6 people on wheelchairs will be hosted in Kramatorsk.

IDPs will pay for the apartments on their own.

In the meantime, the heating system is under repairment in Svyatogirsk. Therefore, a heating season may be postponed.


Earlier, the director of the “Kuyalnyk” Araik Pogosyan informed that the IDPs will have to leave the sanatorium because of the debts. He adds that the sanatorium can no longer accommodate people. He urged that the water supplies and lightning would be disconnected.

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