Equality March attackers sentenced to two years of probation

Дата: 11 April 2016
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The Obolonsky District Court in Kyiv delivered the verdict in the case of the attack on the Equality March, held in Kyiv last June.

Four attackers were sentenced to two years of probation as “they made a deal with the investigation and fully admitted their guilt.”

As reported, last June, several dozen aggressive right-wing radicals attacked the peaceful Equality March, aiming at protection of the LGBT rights. The attackers threw explosives at the action participants, having caused grievous bodily harm to a police officer. After the march had been completed, they started to chase the participants.

The case, submitted to the court, involved four attackers: 21-year-old Kyrylo Vilyamovsky, 41-year-old Danylo Dashevsky, 38-year-old Vitaly Kyrylchuk and 26-year-old Oleksiy Protokovylo. As far as it can be judged, they bear a relation to the Right Sector movement.

The offence was qualified under Part 3 of the Article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – hooliganism, accompanied by resistance to the authorities. These actions, according to the Code, shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of two to five years.

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