Kyiv region court sentences child rapist to suspended sentence due to participation in ATO

Дата: 11 July 2016
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Judge of the Ivankove District Court in Kyiv region Oleksiy Honcharuk sentenced a man, who raped a minor, to suspended sentence.

This is stated in the court’s ruling of June 10.

The verdict states that the unemployed man, the ATO participant “satisfied his sexual passion in unnatural way with a minor, having dragged her by force to a private household from the street.”

The court found the man guilty and sentenced him to four years of suspended sentence and a probation period of two years.

Taking into account the personality of the defendant, namely that he has not been previously tried, is a member of the anti-terrorist operation in the east of the country, has minor children, a permanent job, all the circumstances of the case, the presence of mitigating circumstances, the court came to the conclusion about a possibility of correcting the accused without punishment and the decision to release him on probation on the basis of Article 75 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, and placing of duties defined by Article 76 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine,” the court verdict reads.

The judge also ordered to pay an aggrieved party 3,000 UAH in moral damage.

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