In Donbas illegal armed groups continued the practice of 30-day ‘administrative arrest’

Дата: 15 June 2017
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Armed groups in Donbas continued the practice of 30-day ‘administrative arrest’, during which victims are not allowed to see lawyers or relatives. 

As stated in the 18th OHCHR Report on the Human Rights Situation in Ukraine. 

There is mentioned in report that such ‘administrative arrests’ are often prolonged.

OHCHR documented the cases of two men detained by ‘MGB’ in Donetsk city in February 2017.

In one case, armed men wearing camouflage and balaclavas broke into a man’s house in Donetsk and arrested him in front of his family, including his child. The following day, ‘MGB’ confirmed the man was under 30-day ‘administrative arrest’. In March, ‘MGB’ informed his family that the detention was prolonged for another 30 days, without providing any information on his whereabouts.

The victim was only allowed to call his wife twice. During the first call, she understood by his voice that he was in physical pain. In April, the family was informed that the victim had been charged with “espionage”.

As of May 15 his place of detention remained unknown and his lawyer did not have unimpeded access to him.

Besides OHCHR informs onather case of 30-day ‘administrative arrest’, which occured in November 2016.

Armed men in camouflage and balaclavas entered a woman’s house in Donetsk. They conducted a ‘search’ and took her to an unknown direction.

‘MGB’ later informed her relatives that she was under 30-day ‘administrative arrest’ but with no indication as to the reasons for this or her whereabouts. In February 2017, the family was informed that the victim was transferred to the ‘pre-trial detention facility’ (‘SIZO’) in Donetsk city where she remained as of 15 May.

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