MFA of Ukraine has established an emergency hotline for foreign students wishing to leave Ukraine

Дата: 02 March 2022
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has established an emergency hotline for foreign students wishing to leave Ukraine because of the Russian armed aggression.

The relevant statement was published on the MFA Facebook page.

Those who require assistance can call, Viber or Telegram the following number:
+380 93418 56 84
For Chinese citizens:
电话:+380 (99) 247 90 83
For Indian citizens:
+380 (93) 077 83 77
For citizens of Iran/ Pakistan:
+380 (93) 075 25 51

Moreover, the questionnaire has also been created for collecting basic information about students and their whereabouts in order to advise them on the means available for their departure.

“The Government of Ukraine is in close constant contact with diplomatic missions and consulates of foreign countries to ensure that their citizens are safe and able to return to their countries as soon as possible”, the statement said.

The Ukrainian border guards in cooperation with colleagues from neighboring EU countries and Moldova are doing everything possible to speed up the passage of all citizens from Ukraine and have never created obstacles that would hinder this.


The Ministry wishes to advise that all checkpoints on the western border are open 24 hours a day. Checks and check-in operations have been simplified as much as possible and the list of necessary documents has been minimized.

In Ukraine, there is no discrimination based on race, skin color or nationality, including when it comes to the crossing of the state border by foreign citizens. The first come first served approach applies to all nationalities.

MFA of Ukraine

In accordance with international humanitarian law, priority is given to women and children. All men, both Ukrainian nationals and foreign citizens, pass checks and check-in operations after women, children and elderly people, explain Ukrainian diplomats.

“All people at the border are asked to comply with law and order and to act responsibly in light of the challenging situation. This will allow the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine to speed up the border crossing process. Those who are crossing are asked to have documents ready and to be as organized as possible. In addition, we ask that those crossing show mutual respect and understanding to everyone at the border during this extremely difficult time. Border guard personnel are working around the clock on both sides, in difficult conditions, to make the crossing as fast and and as straight-forward as possible”, – said in the statement.

The MFA of Ukraine states Russia bears full responsibility for the killing and injuring of innocent people, destruction of civilian infrastructure, and creating obstacles for the safe departure of foreign citizens.

Ukraine calls on all foreign governments to demand from President Putin that he immediately stops his war in Ukraine. This will allow us to stabilize the situation and focus more on the safety and security of the population, including foreign students. 

Human rights defenders called on on March 1st Ukraine’s neighbouring countries to open borders to nationals of all countries who are forced to flee the war.

The Public TV has reported an evacuation of foreign students in the nothern city of Kharkiv has been launched.

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