Water filtration plant blackout due to shelling in Avdiivka

Дата: 12 January 2017
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According to Pavlo Zhebrivskyi, the Head of the military civil administration of Donetsk, civilians of Avdiivka will have problems with water supply for several days due to the blackout of the water filtration plant after the shelling, which was caused by the shelling.

As he reported during the broadcast of the 112 Ukraine TV channel.

“There was shelling after 7 pm yesterday, as a result of which one of the two power lines was cut. Donetsk water filtration plant blacked out. But water is supplied to Avdiivka hourly. Today and tomorrow this kind of water delivery will continue”, Zhebrivskyi commented the situation.

He also noted that military and civil administration of Avdiivka already applied to the joint coordination center to repair damaged power networks.

“In the near future we expect that after eight in the morning we will go for repairs. We have already given permission, waiting for permission from the Russian side, and then the repairers will come. I hope common sense will suffice and repairmen will not be shelled”, Zhebrivskyi said.

As a reminder, in December there were problems with water supply in Avdiivka due to the blackout of the water filtration plant.

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