“Time for appeals and pleas passed. Putin is a man of war understands only weapon”, – Chubarov

Дата: 31 January 2017
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Ukraine must urge the western partners to proceed to tougher actions against Russia.

As reported by Refat Chubarov, the People’s Deputy of the PPB political party (Petro Poroshenko Bloc), during a protest in support of the arrested lawyer Emil Kurbedinov.

“If Russia does not listen to appeals, declarations, claims of the European Parliament, the United Nations, the Council of Europe, then it is an indication that the world must find a courage to move to another level of actions against Russia”, – as the correspondent of the Human Rights Information Centre has quoted the Deputy.

“We need to tell the western partners that time for claims, appeals, pleas has long passed. Putin is a man of war and understands only strength. Then we can release Ahtem Chiygoz, Ali Asanov, Mustafa Dehermendzhi, Seyran Saliev, Ilmi Umerov, Emil Kurbedinov, Mykola Semena, Oleg Sentsov and all other political prisoners”, – said Refat Chubarov.

In addition, the Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People urged the international western partners to limit their needs and for several months to impose an embargo on the purchase of energy products in Russia.

“If Putin will not be faced to these conditions, so that he started the negotiations himself, then we will have to evacuate not 25 thousand people (from Avdiivka, which suffers from shelling since January 29 – ed.), but hundreds of thousands of people”, – he said and added that Russia should be disconnected from the SWIFT, the system of international bank transactions.

The People’s Deputy considers that there is a need for the Verkhovna Rada to gather for an emergency meeting.

“We need to discuss the additional measures of strengthening the defense capabilities of Ukraine, about the reformatting several areas of Ukrainian economy, about the mobilization of our actions to counter the military aggression of Russia. It is necessary to tell the whole world that we are a belligerent power, we were put in this situation, when we are using our powers to protect our land”, – he said.

“Ukraine must move the divisions towards Chonhar, strengthen board near the area of the occupied Crimea and prepare for the return of the Crimea. Additional forces should be located at the east of Ukraine, to prevent the Russian army from going into the offense”, – he added.

As a reminder, in the morning of January 29, the illegal armed group of Donetsk began the assault in the area near the industrial zone of Avdiivka, in order to capture the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On Sunday, the press center of ATO reported about the deaths of five Ukrainian soldiers and injuries of 13 others. On Monday, the deaths of two Ukrainian soldiers and injuries of five other officers were reported.

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