Amnesty International calls to join the rescue of journalist Aseev, who disappeared in the “DNR”

Дата: 06 July 2017
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Amnesty International Ukraine announced an urgent action to determine the location and clarify the fate of journalist Stanislav Aseev, who wrote from the occupied territories for Ukrainian publications under the alias Vasin and was probably taken prisoner by militants in early June.

As reported in the statement on the organization’s website.

The organization reminds that independent journalist Stanislav Aseev disappeared on June 2 in the territory of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DNR”). His family and friends fear that he has been detained by the de facto authorities of the “DNR” and is at risk of torture and illtreatment.

Stanislav Aseev last spoke to his family by phone on June 2, saying that he was approaching Donetsk and that he would visit relatives the next day.

Stanislav Aseev did not arrive on 3 June and did not answer his phone. His family went to look for him at the flat where he lives. Despite waiting outside for hours there was no sign of him. His family returned to the flat on 4 June, with his landlord. When they opened the door they saw clear signs that the flat had been searched.

Stanislav Aseev’s family appealed to the local police and the “Ministry of State Security of the DNR” regarding his whereabouts. As yet, they have not received a response. They have also visited two SIZOs (pre-trial detention centres) in Donetsk, but were not able to find him.

“It is common practice for the “Ministry of State Security of the DNR” to place individuals they suspect of disloyalty to the “DNR” or “subversive” activities under arrest for 30-days and often hold them incommunicado. Usually the 30-day periods of detentions are constantly extended the person remains without the possibility of contacting his family or a lawyer”, – noted in the AI.

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