A car of an activist, who fights against construction in forest areas, was burned

Дата: 11 April 2017
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Unknown people burned the car of Valentyna Aksionova, a journalist and activist who is fighting against construction in the forest area in the Petropavlivska Borshchahivka village.

As reported by Aksionova to the “Ukrayinska Pravda. Kyiv” (Ukrainian Truth) publication.

The incident occurred at 4 am on April 11, a Volkswagen Kraffter cargo van burned down.

“They burned our new car, our provider, we just bought it on April 11 and we did not even have time to insure it”, – she said.

Aksionova is the leader of a local initiative of the “Protect the forest” Petropavlivska Borshchahivka community and for a long time she has been fighting against the construction of the high-rise apartment houses in the forest area. Due to this reason she receives a number of threats and she links this arson to her journalistic and social activities.

“They were watching and knew that I bought a car and burned it in our yard. This is entirely due to my journalistic activity, because I am writing about the forest about its destruction”, – said Aksionova.

The car was probably on fire with two Molotov cocktails.

“We have a fire brigade nearby in the Chayka residential complex. But it took them so long to come that I thought maybe it is related. Moreover, the cars of our activists were burned before and each time firemen could not arrive in time”, – said Aksionova.

Police has also arrived at the scene, but according to the activist, they “did not even lift a finger”.

Now the woman is afraid for the life of her little child and parents.

“It is not the first time I’ve been threatened. I received various threats – on forums supposedly from investors of these houses, on the phone – they call me and turn on funeral marches and hang up, they sent me pictures with severed neck, etc. All this has intensified when we won the case on the forest. Recently, they’ve brought a rally to my house – about 200 people at first one and less people at the second. There were even people with pistols and they were firing”, – said Aksionova.

“They keep writing me that “Valya, do you want to die?”. Then they write that instead of the “Protect the forest” hashtag we will need “Protect Valya” hashtag. Such are the hints. They told us to withdraw the suit for the forest. We are constantly threatened”, – added Aksionova.

Currently, Aksionova intends to file a lawsuit about obstruction of journalistic activities and threats to her as a journalist, in addition to lawsuit about the destruction of property.

According to Aksionova, she became a fourth activist, who fights for the protection of the forest and whose car was burned.

“At first they burned lawyer Dyadyuk’s car, then the opposition deputy’s car, then ours activist’s and now – mine”, – summed up Aksionova.

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